Pharmacies that sell cigarettes

Currently, you should not find electronic cigarettes in pharmacies, as specified by the National Security Agency of Medicines. The reality is quite different: just do an internet search to realize it. Many pharmacies now offer electronic cigarettes illegally on their websites.

Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes: the Collective actors of the electronic cigarette (CACE) represents 60 members (manufacturers, manufacturers, distributors ) of 58 sites specialty shops, 12 800 outlets representing more than 2,000 jobs and 1.5 million consumers. The market is booming, and it is the source of job creation in France. This group proposes to establish a standardization of e-liquids, professionalize distribution networks, to prohibit sales to minors, and to extend the ban on tobacco advertising in the electronic cigarette. That good resolutions from this group, which was heard in Strasbourg during the vote in 2013.

The placing on the market of the medicinal

If the electronic cigarette was allowed to be sold in pharmacies (and only in pharmacies), it should have obtained authorization on the market (AMM). This procedure is lengthy and expensive, and that’s a good reason for having rejected, for now, the sale in pharmacies.

However, many pharmacies sell electronic cigarettes (it does not seem to bother the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists), which can be ordered on the Internet.

I note again that there is an inhaler when patches, pills or nicotine gums are not sufficient. It got a real MA and cartridges deliver only nicotine (20 mg). This rate is lower in the e-cartridges containing nicotine: 6mg, 11mg, 16mg or 19.6mg.

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