Italy now allows the electronic cigarette in public places

Italy has to legislate in favor to allow its consumption in public places. Forbidden early as elsewhere in Europe, it was this victory thanks to a prestigious oncologist who treated the Latin state of “blind” if he did not favor the best method in the world to quit.

The E-cigarette finally accepted throughout Italy.

Italy takes a step ahead of the rest of Europe in the field of fight against tobacco. After banning the consumption of E-cigs in public places, she turned back under pressure from the medical corps particularly powerful in Italy.

Pundits oncology help of electronic cigarette. Following his speech, smoking was allowed in offices, cafes, local, but also transport. Bravo to them for this great initiative! The only logical exception remaining schools.

A heavy consideration for freedom won. Although this is most advanced for the tobacco fight, the Italian state to legislate and tax massively E-cigarette on the other side, not knowing how to take the consumption of this product. Thus, smoking was prohibited to minors, authorized for sale in tobacconists, (even risking to become exclusive distributors futures) and taxed at the same height as tobacco, namely 53%, no less!